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Antwerp Botanic Garden

Antwerp Botanic Garden The Antwerp Botanic Garden is a green oasis in the busy centre of Antwerp.

There you can find a substantial number of exceptional trees and shrubs. The herbal collection contains about 2000 species, among which several are legally protected. In the greenhouse is a large collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants.

The Garden is more than 200 years old. In the early years it was the medical garden of the nearby Saint Elisabeth Hospital. Around 125 years ago, important botanical and scientific research was undertaken, but since 1926, the garden has been under the administration of the city council. In 1950, the garden was classified as a landscape of great value.

Antwerp Botanic Garden Plantentuin Stad Antwerpen
Leopoldstraat 24

Tel +32 (0)3 232 40 87
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