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Hof ter Saksen Arboretum (Beveren)

The park is situated in Waasland approximately 10 km outside of Antwerp. It has a typical romantic design with alternating groups of large trees, lawns and water features. The castle of the 18th century is visible from various sites and dominates the landscape. The total area is more than 24 ha of which 13 form the arboretum; the remaining grounds comprise a nature garden, fruit orchard, agricultural field and a small brook. The arboretum was founded relatively recently by the Decalut family in 1980. Nowadays the arboretum is managed by the city council of Beveren.

Hof ter SaksenHof ter SaksenHof ter Saksen

Within the 24 ha 4,500 plants can be seen including 70 Quercus species, varieties and cultivars, more than 62 Ilex, 88 Viburnum, and 54 Cornus species. The soil belongs to the Fago-quercetum association which is perfect for oak, beech, chestnut, European aspen, birch, honeysuckle, rowan, hazel, bird-cherry and holly. The focus of the park is on educating the general public with respect to flora and the natural environment. The most striking trees in the collection are giant copper beeches. Some eye-catching rare species include Betula medwediewii, Betula papyrifera or Betula turkestanica (a 2 m dwarf form). Also of note are a gigantic Thuja plicata, an old white mulberry, Ailanthus vilmoriniana, a deep purple Magnolia liliflora 'Nigra', and an old Catalpa bignonioides but there are many others.

The arboretum is bordered by a small forest dominated by chestnut trees with accompanying undergrowth of shrubs, herbaceous plants and ferns. In this part we find an old ice-house that makes an excellent shelter for bats. Another attraction of the park is its wealth of birds. Guided tours are organised by request on open days. Small information and educational brochures are available, while exhibitions and various other activities are regularly held.

Hof ter Saksen Hof Ter Saksen
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