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Robert Lenoir Arboretum (Rendeux)

The Robert Lenoir Arboretum is typically a collection arboretum. The initial objective of its founder was to test the hardiness and the potential of acclimatisation of many exotic species. No doubt, he was also driven to satisfy his passion for the collection of as many varieties of plants as possible.

Robert Lenoir ArboretumRobert Lenoir ArboretumRobert Lenoir Arboretum

The Robert Lenoir Arboretum is located in Rendeux, along the river Ourthe, with a latitude of 50.2 degrees and an altitude varying from 200 to 350 meters. The climate of the Belgian Ardenne is relatively harsh, though the climate of the Ourthe valley is known to be somewhat milder than that of the surrounding regions. The growing period is however about one month shorter than in Brussels. The average annual rainfall is around 900 mm, although it has been higher in recent years.

Most of the soils are silt-laden and deep, free or almost free of stones, well aerated and drained, and very fertile, especially in "les îlots" ("The Islands"), a portion of the arboretum located on the banks of the river Ourthe, upstream of the Mill. Clay soils are also encountered, sometimes heavy and even compacted, except where the forest humus improves them. Soils in Bardonwez are generally acid with a pH from 4 to 6.5; they are drier on the highest parts of the arboretum (presence of the common heather). The majority of the forest plots are the realm of hornbeams, hazel and bracken. Common alder and willows dominate in the bottom of the valley, along the river Ourthe and higher along the brooks.

The river Ourthe is a capricious river which changes in levels frequently. An extraordinary flood occurs approximately every four years. The biggest over the past decade was in 1991. That year, the trees and shrubs of "The Islands" were under two meters of water.

Robert Lenoir Arboretum Arboretum Robert Lenoir
Moulin de Bardonwez

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